Thailand General Election 1996 Online report

On Sunday 17th November, 1996, Thailand had a general election. This election is considered one of the most powerful competition among big parties. To bring you all with the latest report, NECTEC decided to initiate the Live video and audio coverage of the reporting event to the world. Thanks to Thai Government's Information Superhighway Testbed Project which make this live event possible.

With sponsorship on Internet bandwidth from Internet Thailand Service Center, and the live program relay permission from Mass Communication Organization of Thailand (MCOT) and the Public Relations Department (PRD), we will globalize Thailand's TV and Radio coverage on that day.

CLick here to see the special invitation (Quicktime Movie, 2.4 MB)
(by Dr. Hugh Thaweesak Koanantakool, Deputy Director General of NECTEC).


Date17th Nov 1996
From 14:45 - 22:00 THAI
(07:45 - 15:00 GMT)
TV: Channel 9 (MCOT), Channel 11 (PRD)
Radio report: Real-Audio Channel1= FM92.5 MHz. (PRD)
Radio report: Real-Audio Channel2= FM100.5 MHz. (MCOT)
Election News

Thai News Agency Department of Promotion CH11
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