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December 4, 1996

December is a special month for Thailand. On the 4th of December every year, more than ten thousand of Thai people from all over the country enter His Majesty the King's Chitralada Villa, Dusit Palace in order to convey their birthday wish to His Majesty. In return, his Majesty greets and talks to the people for more than two hours. The so-called "grand meeting" is televised nationwide, with millions of viewers in Thailand listening to His Majesty's talk.

Read transcripts of previous royal speeches.

In order to bring you a live coverage of the event of 1996,the National Electronics and Computer Technology Center, will run a live multicast of the event on the Internet using VDOLive! technology. Our service is limited to 50 VDOLive sessions only. A sound track is also available on our RealAudio server, also with 50 sessions capability. Our service is first-come first-serve.

Schedule: December 5th, 1996
Time: 7:00-9:00 (Thailand)
or 00:00-02:00 GMT.

Note: This media service is not recommended for domestic Thailand viewers, as you will be getting the better view from the live TV-Pool broadcast and all radio networks. We intend to bring the service to overseas viewers who would like to keep in touch with Thailand. The conservation of valuable limited service of 50 users is appreciated.

We welcome your reports, comments and suggestions about the experimental multicast of video and audio programmes from NECTEC. Please contact Please do not forget to state the connection you used (video/audio/your speed).

Past Live Events

(VDOLive video-on-demand is not yet in service).

Note: Service is "as-is" and is subject to our server's limit of 50 concurrent sessions on video and 50 sessions on audio.

You may need to download player software...

VDOLive player is required for the video.
DOWNLOAD the player software.

Thanks to
Internet Thailand for the support of international bandwidth to the Internet.
RealAudio player is required for the audio.
DOWNLOAD the player software.

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